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Welcome to the World of Tourette Syndrome!

We were taught to beware of Strangers, and those who act Strangely.

Now it is time to learn that not all people who act strangely are to be feared.

It is time to learn that some people really don't have control over themselves and their actions... or very little control. 

Welcome to the World of Tourette Syndrome!

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"What is Tourette Syndrome?" This is a different, yet detailed, approach to the clinical explanations often given.

"My Wheelchair Is In My Head", is a story about Tourette Syndrome. Although written for children, it is an easy explanation for people of any age.

"Treasure Mouse", is a young child's story about Learning Differences and Teaching Disabilities.

"Classroom Helps" are ideas and hands on methods of teaching to others what it is like to have some of the disorders mentioned. They can be used for either large or small groups, or simply by yourself.

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I have often had people ask me where they can buy these books. I have tried for several years to find a willing publisher. I am willing to self-publish but I need help to do so. It can be very expensive. So now I request that if you have enjoyed these stories, found value in them, and are financially able to donate,  others will be able to benefit from your generosity.

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